If you have any assets and income, I can provide you with the basic Pennsylvania estate planning tools you should have. 

What every person needs is a durable power of attorney designating a person who will act on your behalf  if you become physically or mentally incapacitated,  an advance health directive, also known as a living will, to select the end-of-life care you want if you are terminally ill and a last will and testament to designate who you want to leaver your assets to.  As part of this, you need to consider options such as a trust to reduce or even eliminate death taxes and the best way to pass your assets to your heirs.  If you have minor children, you should have a standby guardianship designation if you and your spouse suddenly die or become incapacitated.  When loved ones have died, I can save you money on taxes and review whether a will should be contested if you have been excluded from a will.


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